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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Motor is apart.

These motors that are "freshly rebuilt" a lot of times are, but not necessarily rebuilt right.
It actually came apart pretty easy.  A stud or two pulled on the head, but all the threads are ok for the pans. That's always amazing, those little fuckers always are stripped.  Two of the pushrods are a bit scored, as the pushrod tube inners aren't all correct, but 2 out of 4 isn't too bad...

The tappets didnt want to come out of the blocks, but eventually did.  They feel perfect where they normally run but when coming out they don't want to.  Cam chest, oil pump, cam, etc... all looks ok. \

Then I go to split the cases... they don't want to come apart.  Roller bearing lowers like these normally come apart easy.  Not these. Whoever set the lower end up, both sides were too tight, the pinion side race pulled right out of the case and I had to pry the race off the rollers.  The sprocket side was so hammed as the inner thrust washer was so wrong that the bearings and cages wouldn't come out of the race.  Its hammered.  

So I am starting there. Both case races are going to be replaced with over sized ones and line bored. 

I also need to strip the damn chrome off the cam cover.  I hate chromed aluminum...

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