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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rear hub madness.

So, mechanical brakes are the way to go.  Well, a giant rotor with a giant caliper would work too, but wouldn't quite be the style I'm going for.

But when I redid the Lovely Loser, I had to re-gear it because I used the British motor sprocket and clutch basket.  It needed a smaller wheel sprocket to get the final drive ratio back to where it should be.  But you can't use a small sprocket with a drum, unless you use a 45 drum, and that wouldn't work anyway.

Sooooo...rear drum gets put on the right side of the bike.
Just switch it around you say?  Not exactly. Where do you attach a sprocket?
Well, what I did with the LL was make a sprocket mount/adapter that bolted over the inner star cover on the wheel.  It used the original cork seal as well, bolting the sprocket to the adapter then the adapter onto the wheel.  The wheel is about 3/16" thick where the star covers bolt.  I threaded it and attached it there and used grade 8 nuts on the back.  It's super strong.  Stronger than you might think anyway.

But I want this wheel to be bullet proof.  There are too many pieces in that system. While it works great, it can be simplified.  So, I machined inserts that slide into the wheel that are going to be fully welded to the hub on the back.  Lots of thread engagement.  That and some safety wire and its going to be bullet proof.
Oh yeah, no sprocket to adapter and adapter to hub, just sprocket through adapter to hub.

I'll get to the backing plate later, when I find one.  Because I have to modify it a bit to run on the right side.
Take a look...
Enlarge the holes to 1/2"

Turn off the excess from drilling


Make threaded spacers


They fit perfect.

The three pieces

bolted together for welding.

Just gotta weld it now.
Then I can sandblast, paint, build, lace, true and mount the tire.

The material for the adapter is coming, I'll show you that too.  I might not use the inner star cover at all, the one on the knuck goes over it.  I'll probably machine it so it sits flush and replaces the inner cover.  There will be less pieces that way.

And i can use 7/16 bolts that way too...okay, yeah. I'm doin' that.

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