The 2016 Born Free Give Away Bike

This is where you will see it happen.
I will document everything.
from a pile of parts to a running motorcycle.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

more useless details and the fact that i cant leave anything alone

Risers installed, just need to shorten the studs and get acorn nuts

Super E at an angle on the left side?  hmmmm?

Sifton cover with every other fin cut off...  cant leave alone

drum side of rear wheel

sprocket side of rear wheel , no carrier yet

rear 49tooth 520 rear sprocket and a 22 tooth front machined down to 520 width.
People say a 530 is stronger?  i disagree, roller and plates are the same size exactly the only difference is the length of the pin.  a narrower pin means its harder to bend.  there fore in my head a 520 is stronger.

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  1. That's great, definitely need to look into doing this on the hillclimber! Thanks for sharing. I'll get the new blog in my blog list so I keep track