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This is where you will see it happen.
I will document everything.
from a pile of parts to a running motorcycle.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

This is gonna be a big post, i have been lagging like crazy. and its in a totally random order, so read the captions...

Where I'm at now, well as of last sunday.  been some changes since then.
But its a pretty good indication of ride height and style

another pic of the tank, risers etc and the beautiful bars that Arie bent for me in 7/8'

Right side of the bike, you can see that my frame cross brace is in the wrong place so thats going but you can see the general stance of the fender and get a good view of the Hummer tank switch housing.

a shot between the tanks.  i'm going to probably cast a curved finned cover that will run between the tanks,

another shot of the tanks tacked in place

more artsy fartsy pics.

teh light off my knuckle, works perfect, have to remake the center mount but you get the idea

more headlight

the drop outs i used from Hardtail Choppers for the tail section.

the flywheels out of the lower end, more to come on that longer stroke stuff is goin in, with a bunch of mods.

the BEAUTIFUL VL fork from W&W in Germany, more details on that earlier, AMAZING quality

my hubs coated and finished (almost) and the spokes and rims, turbed out one of the rims was a 36 hole so, see below!

Buddy from Transitions had a 19"  fuckin HERO!

the piece of wood i started with for my riser lower pattern.

what I ended up with

here they are in wax with the waxes poured for all the pieces of the assembly.

Heres where it is going.  
here they are cast in bronze ready for machining and installation.  complete with the polyurethane bushings I make.

Here is the sporty fork tool i used to make as an installation tool for the adapters for the risers

Here they are installed.,

Right tank with the Hummer switch in it and the blem CCE covers im using for mock up.

Oops, poor Hummer tank...

The W&W VL fork.

The K model fender i re-radiused for the back, complete with the stock big twin brace

Other side, same thing,.

The tanks, after i made the cut outs.

I have since dropped the front of the tanks half and inch since this was taken, way better.

the ass end with the 18" Dunlop K180 tire showing the basic stance, im super stoked on it,.

the manifold i'm going to be using, well once i add a flange that is.  the Imperial style cover and the Lee clutch pedal mount.

The tanks before I cut the centers out and a good shot of my favorite tire ever the Dunlop K-180

The rim sitting in the frame before polish and when i first started mocking up the oil tank.,

 And below are a bunch of detail shots of the frame on the frame jig, thank you AKi at Hog Killers  for itsuse and for ruling and being a great friend during this mayhem.


Lots more detail shots to come.  

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